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Stationery Classic - Blackwing Pencil

Stationery Classics No 3 – Blackwing Pencils

These pencils are so famous they have their own Wikipedia page and a worldwide fanbase – but why exactly is that? A quick peek into their history reveals a fascinating story and…
what is the best album cover of all time?

What Is The Best Album Cover Of All Time?

What makes a classic album cover? Inspired by the new Blackwing Volume 33 1/3 pencil, we got to thinking about vinyl and all our old albums languishing in the loft. How fondly…
Pencilvanya - stationery animation

Welcome to Pencilvanya

A strange tale of dark happenings in a land of stationery... When pencils and art collide Discover an animated film set somewhere in Eastern Europe all about pencils, love and...well, all sorts…