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Q&A: Can you use fountain pen ink for a tattoo?

Ink me up Some time ago I was thinking about ink and wondering if it would be possible to use a fountain pen ink for a tattoo, specifically J Herbin’s Stormy Grey…
our man in parliament

What People Do All Day – Our Man In Parliament

Stationery reviews from inside the house This post was written by Richard Inspired perhaps by Richard Scarry’s “What do people do all day?” and the adventures of Farmer Alfalfa, Stiches the Tailor…
Top 6 Suggestions For Looking After Your Fountain Pen

6 Suggestions For Looking After Your Fountain Pen

There has been a big rise in the demand for fountain pens in recent years. As anyone who has bought and used a fountain will know, they are fantastic writing instruments that…
twsbi eco fountain pen review

TWSBI Eco Review

Introduction This is something that I have coveted and finally given in to temptation on – finding a fountain pen that I love. My eye had finally been turned by the TWSBI…
how does a fountain pen work?

Q&A: How does a fountain pen work?

What are the basics that I need to know? Fountain Pens may seem like complicated little contraptions, but there are just a few sophisticated but relatively simple parts that make it function.…
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