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How to create a virtual office business
Q&A: How to create a virtual office business
How we can work from anywhere Background A question - if technology can't be used to improve your lot then what is the point of it? And if it can improve things,…
cafe working - fulham broadway market hall
Our Top 5 Cafe Working Locations
How we work on the go Since the turn of the year we have led an itinerant lifestyle. Opting to keep costs down to the bare minimum, we spend little on anything…
the novelty automation - london
A Trip To Novelty Automation, London
A museum with a difference What is the Novelty Automation? Some years back we used to visit the mad amusement arcade on Southwold Pier with its home-built machines. Never having been a…
Cycling around the M25 - map
Cycling Around The M25
Or why do we attempt the frankly pointless? This is a website supposedly dedicated to stationery and all things around that, so why an article all about cycling around the M25? Well…
mail train at the postal museum london
The Mail Train At The Postal Museum, London
I recently visited the Postal Museum in London to ride the Mail Train. A great place to visit if you are keen on trains or discovering bits of hidden London. Or both.…
Q&A: Can you use fountain pen ink for a tattoo?
Ink me up Some time ago I was thinking about ink and wondering if it would be possible to use a fountain pen ink for a tattoo, specifically J Herbin’s Stormy Grey…
Blackwing Volume 10 – Limited Edition Now Released
The latest limited edition Blackwing pencil is now out. It is the Volume 10, so called because it celebrates the origins of investigative journalism and the 10 days journalist Nellie Bly spent…
london stationery show 2019
The London Stationery Show 2019
The London Stationery Show 2019 is the UK’s only trade show dedicated completely to stationery, and it takes place every April at the Business Design Centre in Islington, North London. I go…
Review - Stojo reusable coffee cups
Review – Stojo Reusable Coffee Cups
Introduction With the current focus on plastic and its effects on the environment plus the interest in the reusable water bottles, reviewing refillable coffee cups seemed a logical next step. Not keen…

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