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makers cabinet - design team - noah bier odin ardagh ben weininger
An Interview With Makers Cabinet
Design, sustainability and friendship Meet Makers Cabinet, a team of young designers that have already disrupted the stationery market with their first two products, and have grander plans in the pipeline. It's…
Can this diary make me more organised?
How I Will Be Organised In 2020
Being more productive and focused thanks to a new paper diary Background Wanting to be more organised and more productive is hardly big news. We have known for a long time that…
london graphic centre
London Graphic Centre: Shops We Love
Always described as the flagship store, though it is actually the only store, the London Graphic Centre has been selling fine arts and graphics materials to Londoners since 1973 in the heart…
5 reasons to visit toulouse - size
5 Reasons To Visit Toulouse
Toulouse is not necessarily the first place people think of when they plan a trip abroad. Not even if they plan to visit France. But Toulouse is a wonderful city to visit…
why is the bic biro a design classic
The Bic Biro: Design Classics
Image courtesy of BIC Group, France This history of the Bic Cristal There is something pleasingly simple and minimalist about the Bic Cristal ballpoint: no fancy mechanisms, the clear barrel which shows…
TRAIT, Toulouse - stationery shops we love
TRAIT: Stationery Shops We Love
My Favourite Stationery Shop in Toulouse Tucked around the corner from the main shopping street in Toulouse is TRAIT, a shop that knows its stationery and just as importantly, it knows how…
2020 diaries - our top list
Top 10 – The Ten Best 2020 Diaries
See what we recommend as the best 2020 diaries you can get for next year. Despite their predicted demise at the hands of phone calendars, diaries have survived and thrived. For those…
cadburys creme egg - a design classic?
Creme Egg: A Design Classic
The Creme Egg divides people like little else: some absolutely love them, some hate them with a passion. But regardless of how you feel about that sticky fondant filling with its six…
make your own ink
Ink Out Of Thin Air: Make Your Own Ink
To be more accurate, this is ink made from air pollution, specifically dirty diesel fumes from a vehicle. Back in 2012 on a trip to India, MIT scientist Anirudh Sharma noticed a…
recycling plastic codes
Q&A: What are the plastic codes?
Know your plastic resin codes - they make a difference Look on the bottom of almost all plastic packaging and you should see a plastic resin code - usually a number inside…
recycling - what are the plastic codes?
Q&A: How can I recycle more?
Plastic washed up on Dungeness Beach We are all used to recycling these days and most of us diligently wash out food trays and juice cartons ready for our council collection. But…
map themed stationery
Top 10 Map Themed Stationery Items To Buy
Everyone seems to love maps so I have pulled together the best of the best map themed stationery items available now. What is it about a map that gives us such pleasure?…
maps are better than GPS - ordnance survey ign michelin
Are paper maps are better than GPS?
Maps have served us well but in the age of smartphones their days are numbered. Surely? So why is it then that many people will argue that maps are better than GPS…

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