Stationery Classics

Stationery Classic - Blackwing Pencil

Stationery Classics No 3 – Blackwing Pencils

These pencils are so famous they have their own Wikipedia page and a worldwide fanbase – but why exactly is that? A quick peek into their history reveals a fascinating story and…
stationery classics no 2 - caran d'ache 849

Stationery Classics No 2 – Caran d’Ache 849

“contemporary, fun and casual” Introduction We love a classic design, one that lasts the test of time and we realised a few years back that this was one stationery classic that had…
stationery classics - coccoina glue

Stationery Classics No 1 – Coccoina 603

“the unmistakable scent of almond” Introduction A quick word of introduction to a new feature here - Stationery Classics. These are items of stationery (and maybe a few more besides) that we…