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2021 eule diary planner

Yes, another diary update. But this one is worth it! Following on from my diary woes, which led me to make my own DIY print-out-at-home diary, I thought I was pretty much sorted. And then fate intervened. Maybe it was all a long journey to arrive at this, the Eule Diary Planner. Long story short, a reader of the newsletter wrote in and mentioned the diary she had found. In fact, it was made by a friend of hers out in the US. That led to me very kindly being sent a copy of the Eule Planner by Kerstin, the diary’s creator, and I love it.

A quick step back, if I may. The one issue I know I had with my DIY diary is that it leaves me with a notebook to write my daily notes, and a diary with my to-do lists. And that leaves an overlap – do I add this to the diary list or the notebook? The Eule diary solves this by being a diary AND notebook in one.

Ah, I hear you say. That already exists. What about the Moleskine diary/notebook? Yes, but that only has a diary down the left-hand side and a note page on the right-hand side. One page for a whole week? That isn’t cutting the mustard when it comes to staying organised I’m afraid. What the Eule diary does is give you just that, PLUS a whole double-page spread for each week. So you get alternating pages of diary/to-do list, then two pages for notes, then the same again for the following week. I have never seen this before and it is so sensible. And with dot paper. What’s not to like?

As each month comes around so each month gets its own month-calendar laid out, again with goals and an important to-do list. It almost feels like Kerstin had seen my DIY diary and made a better, grown-up version of it, all nicely packaged in a hardback cover. Except that she has been making these planners for a few years now. Maybe it was me that made a poor man’s version of her diary! Anyway, the page layouts suit me perfectly.

Here are some examples of the layouts inside the Eule planner. You can see more of them here.

The diary also has various calendars and tracking charts, even some stickers. But it is the diary and notebook combo that I am sold on. I just need to be patient and wait a few more weeks before I can start using it.

As for the name, well Kerstin lives in the US but is German. Eule is German for owl. Her mum liked owls. And owls are wise and sensible, and amongst all animals I feel an owl would likely keep a diary if it could.

You can get a diary shipped to Europe, even in time for Christmas if you hurry and order before 7 December. Or just get one before 2021.

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