Review – Max Compact Mini Stapler

Review Max Compact Mini Stapler


The background to this review is that I am notoriously reluctant for us to stock another stapler. It’s not that there isn’t a demand for them – we use them all the time, people all over the world use them all the time. It’s just that…well, we don’t seem to do very well when it comes to selling them. Maybe it is because staplers are seen as too boring, the kind of functional item you get from Niceday or Rymans or Tesco. Maybe people just don’t see them as being worthy of a place in our range!

Well, long story but I was persuaded to try a new stapler out. This would be the one to persuade me I was told. This one would have me writing a review even. And so here I am, writing that review.


It’s not a bad looking bit of kit by any means, but it doesn’t set the pulse racing either. I’d put this one firmly in the camp of functional. Nice functional mind. But it didn’t grab me with its looks it’s fair to say.

Score: 7/10


This stapler is small. So small that one immediate thought was how often would I be refilling it. Well that one was quickly answered with the handy little staple-reservoir on top. Yes. it carries its own back-up supply around with it, instantly removing that little issue. Nice touch.

It takes a small #10 staple, which just might mean looking a bit harder for supplies than your usual 26/6 ones. Apart from that, well what features will a stapler have. It sacrifices many things for the size and I think that is a plus point – they always take up too much room anyway, so keep it small, keep it out of the way I say.

Score: 8/10

Max Compact Staplers


This is where it starts to shine. You see, this little marvel really does punch above its weight. And size. For something so small, it can do a mean bit of stapling. It says it can do up to 16-20 sheets at a time which I can believe. It has a double-action meaning it packs a punch without needing to exert force.

Unless you have hardcore industrial needs of your stapler, this one does the job. Best of all, it fits in the palm of your hand making it so easy to use. And a nice by-product of this is that it has a click-y action you can do that is like a stress toy. Just lightly play with it and you’ll see what I mean.

Score: 10/10

Value for money

Now I am no stapler expert but I think for £12.95* this is pretty good value. It does the one job I ask of it, and it does it well, time and time again. You might find cheaper staplers but this one works and works well.

* Prices correct at time of publishing!

Score: 9/10


Well the fact that I was persuaded to use it, and am still using it is a good sign. The fact that I have written a review is an even better sign. So yes, it’s no surprise that I give this gem the thumbs up. For everyday office use it is far and away the best stapler I have. We’ve had many pass through over the years, from tiny ones to big metal style-icons. This wins hands down. Buy one, you won’t be sorry.


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