5 Reasons To Use A Leuchtturm1917 Notebook

Notebooks are all the same… aren’t they? Well, details make all the difference.

5 top reasons to use a Leuchtturm1917 notebook

Leuchtturm1917 hit the nail on the head with their motto. The details do make all the difference, especially when you’re choosing which notebook to make part of your everyday life. It’s something that will be your partner for a good amount of time, which is why these 5 small tweaks and additions in these Leuchtturm books make them a good candidate.

1. Colours

When it comes to choosing a colour, the Germans have made this a most difficult decision. They have a number of bright, vivid colours that makes it hard to choose just one. My personal favourite is the Berry, looks delicious enough to eat! I did have to give in and get my other close favourites – Emerald and Anthracite Grey.

It also really helps to keep my notes organised, I know which one to take to work, which one I use at home and, most importantly, where to I keep my doodles 🙂

2. Numbered Pages

It’s surprising to look at another notebook after using a Leuchtturm for so long, you realise that many notebooks these days don’t bother with page numbers. It seems like such an incredibly obvious and useful feature you wonder how you could go back to living without them.

3. Indexing

Hand in hand with the numbered pages comes the master key to all of the knowledge within… the index page. Located in the first few pages of the book it lets you note down specific page numbers and a heading, very handy to help look things up in your own books.

Personally it’s helpful to track down certain pages where I have written down some important information or something I need fairly quick access to like a favourite recipe or long boring (but important) processes at work I need to remember.

4. Twin Bookmarks

At first you might think one bookmark ribbon is plenty useful iteself, I wouldn’t disagree with you, but now throw in a second and I find myself using it just as much as the other.

Leuchtturm even went to the trouble of colouring the second marker with a striped pattern to not only look pretty but has the practical function of differentiating between them.

5. Paper

There’s nothing more important in a notebook than the paper. This is the meat of the book, the reason you got it in the first place to store your valuable thoughts and ideas. The Leuchtturm notebook paper works a real treat with my loadout. Not much ghosting or feathering with my largest everyday pen which is a Broad Italic Franklin Christoph.

Those are some of the top reasons why I love my Leuchtturm1917 notebooks. Just remember to keep writing and don’t let your notes sit idle. The most important part to enjoy is the time spent creating them 🙂

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