3 Reasons To Switch To Dot Paper

Have you ever wondered what the fuss about dot paper is about? As a dot paper convert of many years I thought I would share my feelings on dot paper and give my top 3 reasons to switch to dot paper. You should at least give this new-fangled paper style a go. You never know, it may even win you over and leave you wondering how you ever coped with lined or grid paper.

What is dot paper anyway?

First up, a quick explanation for anyone wondering what dot paper even is. If you imagine a sheet of paper with horizontal and vertical lines, and at the point each line crosses another you place a fine mark, or dot. Remove all the lines once you’re done and what you’re left with is a series of regular dots. In almost all cases this will be a dot every 5mm, forming a grid.

Top dot reason number 1 – It’s the best of all worlds

Have you ever wanted your cake and eaten it? Faced with a choice do you ever long to take both? Or all three? Dot paper is just that – it’s three papers rolled up in one.

I’ll assume that everyone know what lined or ruled paper is, and those regular horizontal lines are. Ideal for regular and repetitive writing, but just a bit annoying when you want to draw, or make a table, or stick something in your book.

Grid paper is a bit more unusual but involves regular horizontal and vertical lines. I like grid paper but it makes for a lot of ink on the paper before you even started writing. The final result can be quite heavy and just too busy for my liking.

Plain paper is ideal for drawing or sketching, but with handwriting like mine you don’t want to be let loose on plain paper! My writing needs some guidance to keep it neat and tidy.

So faced with the need for a notebook that lets me write, create structures and draw I use dot paper. It really is the best of all three combined. The dots give enough of a framework to write neatly. They also allow me to make easy tables, and yet if I want to sketch something out they seem to fade into the background.

Top dot reason number 2 – It’s innovative

Maybe I shouldn’t be swayed by fanciful things like fashion and design, but there is a part of my mind that does like to seek out something new, something different. Not accepting the status-quo led us to paper and pens and notebooks in the first place, so dot paper is just one little step further in the advancement, and it’s a good one. So switch to dot because…well, just because it is there and (sort of) new and will make you feel like progress is happening. There is a reason why you will find all the top manufacturers including dot paper in their line up.

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Top dot reason number 3 – It’s Bullet Journal friendly

Without getting bogged down in what Bullet Journaling is (see the official website here), I am keen on adapting elements of keeping a Bullet Journal to suit your own needs and style. You can read my explanation on this here on a previous post. The point being that dot paper is ideal because it lends itself so well to keeping a Bullet Journal. From using the dots to create boxes for to-do lists, through to adding tables and charts and logs, the flexible nature of dot paper is perfect. That’s why the official Bullet Journal uses dot paper.


Ultimately it comes down to finding the right paper for what you need and what you like, but I switched over some years back and have never gone back. From Rhodia to Leuchtturm I have been through many dot paper journals and look forward to many more yet. Try one if you haven’t and see for yourself.

  1. I picked up a Rhodia dot pad from your stand at the pen show because I had never seen anything like it before. My handwriting is desperately uncontrollable but using the subliminal dots I now manage to get some lovely symmetry. I too use if for creative tasks as well as writing and the tear out pages in the dot pad are so useful. I love it … Will be ordering another one soon.
    Thanks Bureau Direct for the introduction.

  2. Thanks for one of your team telling me to try the Taroko design dot paper for my Midori. I love it- I hadn’t found dot paper in the Midori range and am so fussy but this was great and I can steer clear of the grids now!

  3. I love this you really convinced me now dotted paper is my go to use. (at first i didn’t even know what it is, lol) Thank you for letting people know. You changed my handwriting and I thought my handwriting could not get any better BUT IT JUST DID. I also think this is amazing because in school I love to doodle but lines also help me align it up correctly and this makes my drawings (they are not good) LOOK GOOD. I have always had trouble writing stright and this helps. THANKS

  4. Hi,
    Quick question. I love the idea of dot paper but as far as handwriting goes my scrawl takes up a 7 to 8mm line width (I’m 6’6″ and trying to write in 5mm dot width is kind of cramping). So… my question, would you recommend double space which is kind of big or is there a secret “dot” writing method for unruly writers like myself? I like Leuchtturm1917 hardcover A5 but they only come in 5mm dots.

    1. Hi Richard

      I think that’s what the flexibility of the dot paper allows. Since it is not fixed horizontally rulings you can double space each line and then fit your handwriting to 1.5x the dot sizing. Leaves a bit of breathing room for the line above and below. If there is a secret way to writing inside the 5mm then we’d like to know too!

      Keep on writing!


  5. Try Koyuko campus notebooks. They have dotted lined paper in both loose-leaf and notebook

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