Review: J Herbin Metallic Inks

Watch as people gather around like a flock of mesmerised birds. It’s the J Herbin Metallic inks… Brace yourselves!

I was thinking about how to talk about these inks but figured that the best way to show them off was with a photo heavy review 🙂

Cauldrons of Ink

I’m sure that many of you have fallen in love with J Herbin 1670 and Diamine Shimmering inks. While their gold and silver particles look amazing, they do not show too well on black paper. Our saviour, the J Herbin Metallic inks, fill this gap – they are pigment based calligraphy inks and work on both light and dark paper. However, I cannot stress enough that it is only suitable for dip and glass pens. Sorry, no fountain pens are allowed here!

You can get the inks individually as 30ml bottles or an assorted set of five smaller 10ml bottles. They are very easy to use – you do not need to dilute them or add Arabic gum. That said – they do need shaking… A lot of shaking 🙂

Metallic Inks - Shaken before and after

Let’s have a look at what you get in the set.

First, there’s the white. There are no white inks for fountain pens, so it’s great that J Herbin added this here even tho it’s not really metallic. White calligraphy ink will look ace on silver/gold/black or kraft paper. My only moan is, that is is not as opaque as the rest of metallic inks.

Iron ink is a little strange – it looks like a rusty water pipe 🙂 There is a nice mossy green sheen which sits on the top and shows well on bright white paper. A surprising win in my books.

Silver and gold inks are great – they are exactly what you want them to be. Perfect for addressing envelopes.  #incowrimo They will take your calligraphy to another level.

Last, but not least, copper is my favourite of the bunch 🙂 I prefer to call it rose gold 🙂 As I dipped glass pen and pulled it back out – everyone gazed with awe and let a little ‘oooh’ out. Wow factor guaranteed.

These new arrivals have brought a lot of attention around the office and have awoken the creative element in us all (no pun intended). You don’t need to be a first class calligrapher to have fun with these, just dip and go! J Herbin Metallic inks are unique and original. I’m finally glad I get to use my glass pen for something else other than sampling ink 🙂

Products featured in this post:

  • J Herbin Metallic Ink
  • J Herbin Glass pen
  • Pollen Black card
  • Original Crown Mill cards and envelopes

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Periodic table of inks

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  1. Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures! (Hint: try to make them all the same size next time – this page makes me sea-sick as it moves up and down all the time.)

    One slight correction; you said

    > “There are no white inks for fountain pens”

    There are, in particular Document White from German brand De Atramentis. You just don’t stock them 😉 But this line of inks are prone to heavy bleed-through, so I recommend going with the dip pen and the inks you show-case here.

    1. Hi Allan,

      thank you! We learn something new every day 🙂 We know there is an issue with the slider, but working on a solution.

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