Review: J Herbin fluorescent inks

Hand on heart I know nothing about calligraphy. I would like to learn, but at this very moment it is what it is. There are all sorts of supplies you can pick up from art shops to try, watch a Youtube video or read about. I have done all that… Again, I feel like I need to stress that I am not a calligrapher of any sorts. Please excuse my poor attempts…

Bureau’s latest arrivals include calligraphy nibs, holders and inks. I’m attracted to neon stationery – it’s items like these that make me want to pick up a dip pen and have a go. There are five 10ml bottles in the J Herbin Fluorescent ink set – yellow, orange, green, pink and blue. Please do not ask me to pick a favourite, it would be impossible to choose. I love them all 🙂  J Herbin advertises these as suitable for both white and dark paper. Interesting! Fluorescent (neon) ink on black paper…hmmm…this needs to be tested and photographed under UV light.

This fluorescent ink is a lot thicker than other ink I have tried. Pigment is more noticeable in green and orange inks, but they all need a good shake. Once there is no sediment at the bottom of the bottle you will be good to go. All five fluorescent inks are an absolute joy to use, they stick to nibs and flow very well. For some reason blue ink seems gooier than the rest.

We did just couple of splats…and boy oh boy – this was the best part 🙂 I literally went around the office to grab every envelope, sticky note just to try them out.

One of the J Herbin nibs from the assorted sets is 036 Steno, also known as Blue Pumpkin flex nib. Flexing means that the nib widens under pressure therefore you control  the line variation. The first rule is to go easy on the upstrokes to create the thin line and press harder on downstrokes to create broader lines.  My writing looks really wobbly lol, but overall I am very impressed how much flex this nib can handle. Does flexing make my handwriting look better? I think so 😉

Elephants in the room – J Herbin Fluorescent inks are not suitable for fountain pens. Ink bottles need to be shaken vigorously before using. This ink is richly pigmented, so all writing supplies will have to be cleaned immediately after use. Trust me, it’s a lot easier to clean while the ink is still wet. They are slightly water resistant, I didn’t have enough time to test them thoroughly. Although, I think they will withstand some rain if you use them for addressing envelopes. #incowrimo

If I had to describe these Fluorescent inks in one word I would use fun 🙂

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