6 Uses for Washi Tape in a Bullet Journal

See how to improve your Bullet Journal by creatively using washi tape


There are so many uses for washi tape in a Bullet Journal but we have decided to highlight six great ideas.

Washi tape is a Japanese invention that has become a huge hit in the stationery world over the last decade. It is in essence high quality masking tape made from plant fibre. It comes in all sorts of beautiful colours, patterns and sizes. Almost everyone that sees them marvels at how attractive they are but often one’s washi tape collection starts to gather dust.

Bullet Journals provide a great way to use washi tape in a number of ways that are both artistic and useful. As I’ve been doing my best this month to make my own bullet journal I’ve come up with the six best ways in which I use washi tape in my journal.

1. Highlighting/Indexing a page

6 uses for washi tape in a bullet journal - index

Bullet journals will usually contain an index at the start. However sometimes you want a way to find and turn to a page without checking it. By lining the edge of an important page with washi tape, you can easily turn to it without the need of a bookmark (although the Leuchtturm does come with two).

2. Tipped in pages

This was an idea I hadn’t thought of until I saw it online, but it’s brilliant. Rather than necessarily having to stick a sheet in if you need to reference it, you simply put half the edge of it on some washi tape. You can then attach it to the back edge of a page in your bullet journal. This way if you have a list or reference sheet you want to be able to refer to that isn’t in your BuJo you can simply attach it with some washi tape. You can then just fold it over and it will stay neatly in you bullet journal.

3. Scrapbooking

6 uses for washi tape in a bullet journal - postcards

Some people like to keep their bullet journals strictly utilitarian (cough… Dominic). However if you want to make yours into something that combines a planner with a scrapbook then it is easy. Use washi tape to attach ticket stubs, pictures, postcards or other bits and pieces to remind you of travels or memories.

4. Sticking in tables

6 uses for washi tape in a bullet journal - printables

Maybe drawing isn’t your thing, or it’s just quicker for you to make tables and things on the computer, but it’s hard to put it in your journal in a way that still looks good. With all the wonderful BuJo resources out there I’ve printed some off myself, but to keep it looking good in my journal I’ve stuck it in and framed it with washi tape. Like this tracker table from Boho Berry.

5. Cover up mistakes

6 uses for washi tape in a bullet journal - highlighting

Having worked on my BuJo for just a few weeks now I have to admit, I have made my fair share of mistakes. If you are a perfectionist you might just be tempted to bin the whole book, but fear not! A bit of clever washi tape placement and no one will be any the wiser, and your bullet journal will still look great.

6. Decoration

6 uses for washi tape in a bullet journal - decoration

Last but not least is decoration. A lot of people enjoy making their bullet journals into something that looks like a work of art. Whilst mine is certainly not there yet, a little bit of washi tape goes a long way in making any page a bit more interesting. It can also help you to break up the mundanity of task lists with something pretty.


So that’s it, six easy ways in which you can use washi tape in your bullet journals. Although I’m sure there are many more out there. There are plenty of sets or single rolls of tape to get your collection started with a bang on Bureau Direct. Have a browse and take a look at some of the great designs available.

  1. What pens do you use to write on washi tape? Mine always rub away. Maybe it’s the brand of washi tape but I’d like to consider different pens first.

    1. Ballpoints and permanent pens will work – I use mostly Sharpies and Faber-Castell Pitt pens.

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