Welcome to Pencilvanya

A strange tale of dark happenings in a land of stationery…

When pencils and art collide

Discover an animated film set somewhere in Eastern Europe all about pencils, love and…well, all sorts of strange goings on. This is a piece of stationery-animation genius from Studio Tinto, and Alex in particular, as he was across the room when we were having a meeting with our friends at Sugarway on a project we’re working on.

Inspired by all the talk of stationery he went away and produced an animated short film. I don’t remember much talk about pencils as we were largely focused on notepads if my memory serves me right, but nonetheless he has created a world that shows pencils in a way you will have never seen before. It is an animated short but when I say short, at over 4 minutes, it seems like a lot of work to me. Anyway, words cannot quite explain the world you’ll find here so the best solution is to sit back and watch it.

The background

Count Macula is a member of an influential Pencilvanyan family of fountain pens. Their cosy world turns upside down when a horde of brutish biros swarm the city and force him to flee. During his exile, an eccentric old man helps Macula to develop powerful dark arts but when he returns, he discovers that the biggest change is yet to come.

This was a collaborative project between Sally Bailey, Chris Harrington, Nick Harrison and Alex Amelines.

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